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Marici Technology Solutions is a Seattle-Based Software Solutions company that specializes in .Net and PHP as its main development platforms. We have worked in several verticals ranging from eCommerce to IOT (consumer and non-consumer) to large, enterprise-class applications. Several of our case studies can be found on our website.

We started as a series of collaborative projects between Jose Estrella and Helios Solutions. Helios would sometimes require specialized architectural help and Jose would sometimes need to spin up an extensive team in a short time. Over the course of several projects, this relationship developed to a point where it just made sense to formalize the relationship. Coffee was drunk, synergies were formed and an entity greater than Jose + Helios or Helios+ Jose was formed.

Solutions for Every Kind of Business

As a joint venture, Marici is 6 months old, as a virtual team, we have been developing software for both the public and private sector since 1999. We’re passionate about project delivery and software development, and pride ourselves in not being dogmatic about a particular methodology.

We’ve built and deployed solutions, that have ranged from beacons, to websites, to chatbots, to our own ‘passion projects’.  Having this broad experience allows us to give this project the benefit of our experience with how people interact with technology. Our team across the Helios Group of Companies is 150+ strong with offices in six countries. The Helios Group has deployed almost 1500 software solutions.

Let's collaborate for bettering tomorrow!

The Marici Difference


Software runs a lot of the world, and because of this, most developers want to be good.

he field rewards this. You can be good at best practices, you can be good in specific technologies, you can be good in a vertical, you can be good at testing, you can be good at keeping up with all the latest technologies. You can be broad and shallow, and you can be narrow and deep.

The great impedance mismatch typically occurs in the region between knowing the business and knowing technology. Even the business of technology is different from the implementation of technology. The broad and deep software engineer is rarer than a unicorn. What mostly happens is a whole bunch of developers who want to be good. In the desire to be good, developers tend to have to choose between knowing your business and knowing technology deeply. We don’t think this is fair.

So We've Specialized

We’ve  learned patterns over the years and projects and we find that we are 100% successful by specializing in the 80%. We have project execution methodologies that fit most variants of specific verticals. We do test automation, tech refresh, specific software components for any point in the cycle, clean room/due diligence, and of course, entire software projects. Many activities that can result in ‘burn teams’  are the very activities we get excited about.

This allows us to really focus on the specific components that occur in every project. Doing this also lets us continuously improve on the execution of these components.

The output to all this is of course, better software. Code is fully unit tested, Acceptance tests are written in plain language, dev teams are no longer divided along ‘enterprise application teams’ and ‘product teams’. And the impedance mismatch between ‘the business’ and ‘software/IT’ becomes that much smaller.

There are of course, things that we think all organizations should do well. Like communication. Having an origin as unique as ours, we figured the best ways to communicate very quickly. Not just using Jira, GoToMeeting, etc. (Though we do use those), but even when doing face to face communication. We know what it’s like to coordinate a team across 4 time zones, and we know better than to be dogmatic about agile. We also know that that disagreement we’re having with that UX designer is the last 2% we need to make your application ‘pop’.

We fully believe that if you're excited about your project, we' ll be excited about your project. And at the end of it, there's just that much more good software in the world.

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