Rob, a very interesting personality and the CEO of one of the most established insurance brokerage companies powered by the largest Insurance company in Europe met our CEO over a dinner sometime in 2013.

As an insurance broking firm, his business was about selling insurance through a network of 150 car dealers and marketing call centre with 200 agents.

Sharing of Ideas


Brainstorming Session

  • Understanding the insurance business keeping the focus not only on online insurance booking but to concentrate on 'Optimization' of backend management that consists of more than 100 car dealers and 200 call center agents. A solution that helped in operating in a lesser time and increased the efficiency.
  • Secondly, how do we make it convenient for customers to log in by sharing minimal information and offer them with options to select different kinds of insurance policy.

The Outcome

With 200+ cuppa coffee's over three weeks of brainstorming, the result was


The Solution

The following are the features we offered as our solution for the respective platform

  • info-image

    A SaaS based web application

    • Vehicle dealers can showcase their brand prescence, sub dealers & user groups
    • A configuration for premium calculations.
    • A 3 step wizard for offers and placing orders.
      Management of back office process by the call center staff and admin group users.
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    A Dashboard

    • Interactive dashboard for the sales personals, dealer admin and the site admin to monitor sales and other activities.
    • The dashboard is configurable by the site admin users.
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    Web API's

    • Web API that allows submission of vehicle details for ease in placing orders
    • Web API was integrated with SAMS system (Vehicle Registration System) for vehicle dealers
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    Availing Third Party Integration

    • Integration of the third party web services for obtaining vehicle information and company contact details.
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    Graphical Reports

    • A reporting system to compare their data with selection of two time periods.
    • Developed with a function to convert the reports into .xls or .pdf formats.
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    Mass Mailing

    • Integration of Mail Chimp mass mailing module for admin to run sales campaigns for vehicle dealers.
    • Tracking of mailing activities was enable using Mail Chimp APIs.
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    Mobile Web App

    • To place orders with screen swipe/ touch feature.
    • To conduct premium calculations and enter vehicle details.
    • For users to select from various types of insurance schemes.
    • For end users to be able to download or email the PDF.



The Result

In between the product development, they showcased the first cut of the project to the largest Insurance company in their country. After this showcase, they were very much interested which lead to a partnership with Rob's company for this project. That company then gave its own branding to this insurance platform.

After successful execution of this project, Rob assigned two more development projects with us. By now, Rob had started to consider us as their trusted partner and shared all his other ideas which were then converted into a platform with our consultancy. Thus, we have bonded over as long term business partners who love sharing ideas with each other. Once we have these projects in place, we will be sharing those stories with you.