In the year 2014, our client ATON, headquartered in Netherlands was looking for a reliable software development vendor to help them in building a comprehensive mobile marketing, customer engagement and community loyalty platform which could be implemented in several retail environments.

Retail Industry

The platform objective is to enable merchants of the retail environment with mobile marketing through publishing contextual content, building customer loyalty, establish engagement with the customer and gather information about customer's purchase journey.

We were excited for this opportunity! So we went on to create a solution for retail environments that would work interdependently between retail merchants and customers in different retail environments.

Defining the Business Need

It all started with understanding the business need of having such a platform

"Enhancing customer experience on the retail environment by providing more value for the same amount of money : Engaging, Promoting & Rewarding Loyalty"

Business Need

In an overall perspective, we were looking to build a solution that can enhance customer experience and increases engagement as well as benefit the merchant by empowering them to reach customers on their smart phone while they are on the go by availing promotions, reward customer loyalty.

The Platform Overview

While defining the requirements, we devised a solution that comprised of 4 key elements

Contextual Publishing

The Final Solution The Final Solution The Final Solution

A merchant in a retail environment is competing with other brands in that environment where reaching out to the customers on mobile becomes inevitable. So we created a platform where the merchants can easily reach customers on their mobile by publishing lists of merchants and their promotional deals based on customer's preference and proximity.

Community Loyalty & Promotions

The concept of the platform gets more interesting when community loyalty module was included in the solution. In a retail environment, there is a group of merchants and then there are individual merchants, so it was important to create a platform that benefits the community as a whole. We implemented reward points based loyalty system where merchants can create deals and avail customers with points. Further, the customers can redeem those points from the same or other merchants in that retail environment.

The Final Solution

Deal Availment by Customer

  • Sound Technology - Simply playing the beep sound near to the sound beacon connected to merchant's counter
  • QR Code Scanning - The customer can scan the QR code given by the merchant
  • Manual Transfer - Merchant entering customer id and transferring the points manually
The Final Solution

Redemption of Points by Customer

  • QR Code Scanning - Show the generated QR Code to the merchant who will scan it through his merchant app
  • Sound Technology - Play beep sound near to the sound beacon connected on merchant's computer on the counter
  • Payment Code - Simply pass on the payment code to the merchant for manual transfer

A Robust Notification System

Engaging customers is the prime benefit of this platform. Merchants can not only avail them with offers but also notify them based on their location in real time like far, near and immediately while in the retail establishment. For the implementation of this system, we introduced iBeacon technology to enhace the shopping experience. With this, when the customers are in the range of the Beacon, it transmits signal and pairs with customer's smartphone through Bluetooth Low Energy.

The Final Solution
Personalized Engagement through Beacons
  • Configurable notifications: in-store, outside store, near product display
  • Notifications for pushing information like welcome note and promotions & deals
  • Information of active customers and tracking of customers visiting again
  • Notifications with Regulation
    • Regulation on number of notifications
    • DND hours (do not disturb) on notifications
  • Enabling merchants with scheduling feature to push notifications

A Reporting & Analytics Dashboard

It is vital for the merchants to analyze and measure the effectiveness of the promotions that they avail in a specific period. Moreover, it is also important for them to know customer's purchase journey. To achieve this, we created reporting and analytics module by incorporating a dashboard providing information on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

The Final Solution

The merchants and platform owner can see the following reports and analytics on their dashboard

  • New v/s Repeat Visitors
  • Dwell Time
  • Footfall Calendar
  • Footfall Count
  • Heat Map of the Store
  • Window Conversion
  • Deals/Promotions Overview
  • Most Performing Deals
  • Key Indicators
  • Top 5 Stories of Customer Visit
  • Top 5 Stories of Customer Spent Time

An Easy-To-Use Platform Back-End for Merchants

The platform backend for such a large platform had many aspects to be included. It was important for the merchants to have an easy to use back-end platform in order to manage content published on the customer app. While brainstorming, we created a backend mind-map and integrated it with the most important features in a very simplified way.

  • Profile Management
  • Promotions & Deals Management
  • Loyalty & Reward Points Management
The Final Solution
  • Beacon Management
  • User Login Management
  • Customer Review Management
The Final Solution

The Final Solution

The Final Solution