Events are all about lights, people and drama! With this drama comes a lot of pressure on the organizers. To deal with this pressure in a more systematic manner, our client who is an event organizer, conducts music concerts and live performances witnessed by thousands of people. These events have stalls set up for food and drinks where we see never ending queues so the more chances of monetary transactions going wrong.

Our client saw this as one of the hurdles in creating an experience for the visitors. Thus, he approached us with an idea to create a solution for easing out the process of placing orders for customers and also fasten the process of transaction for the merchants through their mobile/smartphones.

Essentials of the Idea

Generally, getting paying for food and drinks at such events is a hassle. Also our client wanted to get rid of the traditional ways of payments through cash or cards and have an infrastructure that works online as well as offline. The idea required the following essentially

  • Convenient Cashless & Contactless Transaction Process
  • Faster Order Placement
  • Cash Management System
  • Evaluation of Total Transaction (per day)
  • Stronger Connectivity to Overcome Geographical Hurdles

Understanding the Users

The Customers/ Visitors

The customers required a method of payment that could ease out the process of placing order.They felt a lot of time was being wasted while standing in long queues. Moreover, they would also like to transfer, refill or return their points or money.

The Merchants

They have the toughest time as they have to take orders, manage cash and also record transactions. This looked like a very cumbersome task for them. It would be wonderful to conduct faster transactions and recording of the same.

The Event Organizer's

They were looking for a faster and easier process of handling these transactions where they have transparency on monetary transactions. They wanted their employees or stall owners to create orders and receive payments easily so the customers are happy and the pressure of work on stall owners decreases.

Brainstorming & Research

Our team conducted in-depth research to identify the best possible solutions. The challenge was to build a system that could easily interact between customer and merchant devices. Thus, we tried and tested few technologies that could possibly suite the requirements of our client.

The Essentials

The Solution

Convenient Cashless Transaction Process

We included the mobile wallet for cashless transactions with the ability to add, top-up or en-cash unused money. One could also get transaction statements and receipts.

Contactless Payments & Faster Order Processing

Research was conducted with various technologies like voice files, mobile NFC, passing tokens and QR Code scanning.

We decided to go with QR Code scanning methodology which is most suitable for the requirements enabling faster order processing.

Cash Management & Accounting for Merchants

As we availed the mobile wallet for customers, so it was easy for the merchants to receive automated consolidated statements of transactions taken place on that event day.

A Device for Bartenders – Hassle Free Transactions

We enabled the bartenders with a water proof mobile device which was sturdy and easy to use with wet hands. It was designed to be worn on the hand to avoid clumsy situations, thus taking orders became convinient.

Seamless Connectivity for Transactions

Connectivity is always a challenge in crowded and noisy environments. We crafted an architecture which supports all the transactions through the apps in both online & offline mode without any data loss.

Solution Architecture




The Outcome

Mobile Application for Customers
  • Checking Age Eligibility – Under 18 or adult
  • Customer Log-In enabling and security
  • Merchant List view - A list of all the merchants of stalls in the event
  • Product & Service listing - A list of products of each merchant and their prices
  • Mobile Wallet
    • Add money to wallet through payment gateway
    • Ability to top-up wallet, transfer and en-cash unused money in wallet
    • Transaction statement - A list of transactions during the event
    • Receive receipt of each transaction from merchants
Mobile Application for Merchants
  • Merchant listing in the event for stall selection
  • An order form to take customer's order
  • Generate offline receipts (editable) to show customers for order confirmation
  • Scan customer's QR code to have customer id and process the transaction
  • Order status confirmation
  • Ability to cancel orders
  • View transaction statement for specific merchant

A Project worth it!

Having a happy client is always a good feeling. We managed to finish the project in the stipulated time and it is in the beta stage. The system has been established at one of these events leaving the customers and the merchants satisfied. All's well that ends well!