Our client who owns one of the successful Point of Sales company in Europe since 1998, with 2500+ retail and restaurant clients using their Point of Sales System, approached us. Client didn't wanted to invest into in house software resource, hence they were in a need of a development partner who could support them for continuous development process, namely -

  • Maintenance of the existing Point of Sales System developed in older technology
  • Redevelopment of the product as per the product development road map in newer technology in order to meet the client's need of having Point of Sales system on cloud that runs on touch screen hardware

Our Evolving Relationship


The Challenge

  • To support the existing system which was already developed using a very old technology Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 and SQL server.
  • Secondly, how do we make it convenient for customers to log in by sharing minimal information? And the challenge was to understand the current scenario of the business and their needs in order to give consultancy for new technology selection. And accordingly prepare a system architecture which would suffice the needs for today and the coming years.

The Solution

The solution was divided in 3 stages

Firstly, it was important to win the trust of our client by showcasing them with our capabilities during the trial period. Here, we were not just partnering for coding but also acting as their technology consultant for the future plans in the project.

To offer a effective solution, from the very beginning we brought a team together, led by an expert who has been working with us for more than 12 years as technology Architect and Project Manager.


A Solution Overview


Maintenance and support of exacting VB Basic 6.0 system - Team Size: 2

They had been developing this project for ten years, for which they wanted partner who can help them to enhance existing architecture as well as provide support and maintenance. We provided support in enhancing the architecture as well as fixed existing defects and provided maintenance & support for the dependent modules (for the Trial Period). The client was extremely pleased with our timely and effective communication as we gave updated reports of the implemented stages.


Consultation and development to convert POS Visual Basic to WPF - Team Size: 2

After studying and analyzing the concept behind this project, we suggested them a solution that would work for the present times and also suitable for future. This solution was a touch screen based desktop system for Point of Sales products. We also recommended them to change to an upgraded technology by showing comparisons among Winform, WPF and WinRT.


Consultation and development of Cloud Based Solutions - Team Size:4

Cloud based solutions was becoming the need of the hour to compete as service for Point of Sales systems. So after finishing the trial phase with us, they shared their vision of a cloud based system. We developed an effective solution for the cloud based systems by suggesting appropriate technology and successfully completed development of Phase 1.

The Result

We have now established a long term relationship with our client where they have
faith on us not just as their development experts, but also as their total
technology solution provider.