Martijn Draaisma and Christel van den Berg, the founders of Favoraid, a social crowd funding platform recognized the need to have a platform where non-profit organizations from around the world come together and tell their stories about charity projects conducted to reach individual donors and corporate for charity.

Their purpose was to create a unique platform where organizations could showcase their projects to raise funds with the help of extra ordinary features.

Unique because

  • The platform required to have a storytelling format to post project highlights during its life cycle.
  • The platform should give transparency to donors through a timeline module to track project activities.
  • A similar platform was required for individual donors and corporate looking for CSR activities in order to give back to the society.

System Overview


The Challenge

Martijn and Christel had a fair idea about the unique platform that they wanted to establish and it's objective of serving the society. A charity platform where all the stakeholders i.e. non-profit organizations, volunteers working for those non-profit organizations, individual donors, corporate and it's employees could come together to support the cause of charity.

  • To devise a complete blue print of required features.
  • They required an estimated budget before they finalized the vendor for such a development project.

The Solution

It was impossible to give an accurate or even an approximate estimate to them without the detailed blue print of the required features for development of such a large platform.

The suggested solution for the project was divided in two major phases:

Phase 1:

Requirement Analysis & Estimation Plan

  • Duration: 5 weeks
  • Team: 1 Business Analyst, 1 Technology Architect, 1 Interactive Prototype Designer
  • Project requirement detailing with regular brainstorming

The Outcome:

  • Detailed Interactive Prototype
  • Selection of Technology and Architecture
  • Estimate for Phase wise Development

Phase 2:

Modular Stage-Wise Development

  • Duration: MVP - 3 months & After MVP - 1 year
  • Assigned Team: Dedicated Drupal Team
  • On demand, we set up a team: 1 Android & 1 iOS Developer, 1 Designer, 1 Front End Developer

The Outcome:

The platform is now composed, as we conceptualized from idea to the realization of project requirements, where still new concepts are evolving.

User Stories - What they wanted!

Non Profit Organization Manager

I need a platform where we can tell our project stories and update them during all the stages of the project for our donors, so that they can track the usage of their donated amount.

  • It should be easy to plan, schedule, edit and publish the information where it should work like a project management tool.
  • As a manager, it must be convenient to keep a track online of the project activities from one dashboard, so as to save time and focus on what we are good at, which is serving the society.

The Volunteers & Ground Staff (Non-Profit Organization)

It would be fantastic if I am able to submit pictures and videos for all the projects in the website, while I am on the field directly from my mobile phone.

Individual Donors

I wish to give back to the society in some way, big or small. But I want to have knowledge of a few things so that I can donate without worrying.

  • A platform where I can select a cause that I truly believe in. So if projects are available at one place, it will be convenient for decision making.
  • I want transparency in a way that I can track the project activities to know how the project is being implemented.

Corporate Donors

We are a part of society and we wish to contribute to the society in many ways, if:

  • We can identify the suitable non-profit organization or a project which aligns with our corporate values and beliefs.
  • Once we donate a large sum, we would like to know where and how the money is being used. This kind of transparency results in a trustworthy relationship.
  • We can communicate with our stakeholders, employees and consumers about how we are being a part of a social cause.

Favoraid Platform Manager

After conducting a survey and understanding what every kind of donor needs, we understood that we need to develop a robust platform that enables all our users to easily perform their roles and conduct project activities.

  • It should avail us with functions to know if any abuse in content has been noted.
  • It should let us easily manage the distribution of funds received from the donors for the cause.

The Result

Martijn and Christel were enabled with a platform to reach a larger group of donors worldwide, where small or big donors could use the platform for charity or CSR activities.

A renowned Non Profit Organization in Netherlands partnered with our client after introduction to this platform. As supporting partner they also contributed in branding the system.

What Heliosians Think

Since the users are happy, Martijn and Christel were happy! We are glad that the platform has reached new heights with the help of our solution. Moreover, our knowledge was also enhanced in this field. We still continue to engage in the support for this project.

Web Site Dashboard


Mobile Application

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