Our Disruptive Products and Platforms in Warehouse X

Warehouse X Products


AI Based Chatbot for eCommerce

Remember the promise of 1960s science fiction? When we would have smart concierges to do all our shopping for us? The future is now.

Chatbots are a new way to sell and offer customer support for your eCommerce sites. Ra is our implementation of this new paradigm. See how much better your sales and support can be when all you’re doing is having a conversation.



Furniture V-Commerce platform

Turn online furniture shopping fun by answering the question
“How will this look in my room?”

Take furniture out of our catalogue and into your room. Rotate it, size it, change colours and styles. We ask that you don’t try to sit on any of the chairs though. While they look pretty realistic, they’re not actually there.

Learning Management System

This is a platform for Marketing & Engagement Automation of Onlline Learning enabling students to undertake learning in the most interactive and innovative way. The platform aims to get optimal number of students to learn through automated marketing and engage in order to satisfy students through automated intuitive system. A new and futuristic way of online learning.


Warehouse X Platforms


Volunteer Management System

Management platforms that can help organizations manage their volunteers for different kind of events. From social causes to cultural festivals and music concerts, this platform can help you manage volunteers and their tasks with transparency. It allows assignment of tasks and track volunteers.

Marketing Automation Platform

Gone are the days when mailers were sent manually by segregating huge database. We have devised a solution that allows you to conduct marketing campaigns seamlessly and automates every step of the campaign. It is specifically designed to meet the marketing needs of businesses, enterprises and government organizations where bulk mailing campaigns along with follow-ups are conducted.



A platform built to manage community loyalty, mobile marketing,promotions & customer engagement.This platform is designed for tourist destinations, city centers, shopping malls or multi-strore brands for promotions, marketing and engagement. We enables merchants with mobile marketing in their environment and avail customers with the best of the deals and reward point system which would eventually lead to customer loyalty.