About The Project

Our existing client, a Bike Renting Company based in Amsterdam, required an online platform for renting and booking bicycles and enable customers to make an advance reservation for bikes. Their objective was to create a white-labeled Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that can help bicycle fleet owners to create their own customised bike renting portal.


  • .NET
  • Angular


  • Web app to book & rent bicycles online.
  • A secure multi -payment gateway.
  • Easy return of rented bicycles.
  • Generate invoices online & trace unbilled invoices.
  • Handle & track customers queries and issues.


  • The initial version of the web application was expected to be completed within a very short time span.



Ease in booking bicycles and returning them anywhere


Faster process of filing complaints and reduced response time to customer queries


Simplified backend for managing records, invoices, pending payments


Offering loyalty benefits and discounts for engagement

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