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Docker has redefined the process of the application development and delivery, as Docker containers carry the application and all the runtime required to run it, and the same containers can run anywhere wherever the Docker engine is configured. This ensures the continuity of the software development and delivery process – the application always runs in the same environment, from software developer’s IDE all the way through the build, testing, staging and production environments.

Marici helps you utilize Docker containers as a core building block for creating modern applications and platforms. Our cloud architects and DevOps engineers helps you with every aspect of Docker – be it shipping the code faster, standardizing application operations, and improving resource utilization, eventually facilitating the rapid development of applications. Furthermore, we also help you setup Kubernetes to run containerized applications with scalability and velocity.

Docker Services

Marici has been one of the early adopters of Docker solutions with its own unique implementation strategy. In fact, Docker Containers as a Service is one area where we’ve worked extensively and it has been a crucial part of our DevOps projects.

Docker Components

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Marici has been at the forefront of providing value-added outsourcing services to varied clientele.

Automate the deployment of apps as portable, self-sufficient containers using Docker.
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