About The Project

Our client, a Europe-based luxury watch manufacturer, required the development of a decentralized database to store the profiles of elite class watches and a secure marketplace to facilitate their trade.

Their objective was to overcome data safety and retention issues on the luxury watch market by creating a global storage platform that could provide data related to the entire lifecycle of a particular timepiece.


  • Ethereum
  • jQuery
  • Truffle Framework


  • Development of a decentralized luxury watch database
  • Generation of digital certificate to verify the watch’s authenticity
  • Implementation of a secure marketplace that allows luxury watch users offer items for sale
  • Multi-stakeholder model


  • Overcoming the encryption issues
  • Running complex algorithms
  • Generating a digital certificate


  • One stop solution to monitor end-to-end lifecycle of a luxury watch
  • Watch provenance and authenticity
  • Elimination of data loss or alteration
  • Easy-to-use marketplace



Development of an Ethereum-enabled solution that consists of a decentralized database and a secure marketplace


Implementation of an Truffle Suite framework


Generation of an Ethereum-based certificate that cannot be falsified


Easy edit functionality – The backend of the solution allows easy edits of name and manage access permissions.Multi-stakeholder model: luxury watch owners, manufacturers and dealers


Key functionalities: watch registration, verification and monitoring

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