Privacy Policy

Last updated on August 21, 2020

Our website address is:

The overriding principles of this policy

While we do make mistakes, these are what guide us:

1. We will only contact you if you ask us to; and when you do, we will only collect what we need

2. Your data is yours. It isn’t ours to sell or use in our marketing material without your express permission.

3. We don’t track you. We like you, but we don’t want to be creepy.

What we collect, how we handle it, and why we collect it

When you make an inquiry or ask for a quote, we’ll ask for your name, company (if you have one), and email address or phone number. This is entirely so we have a way to contact you and prepare for our meeting.

Website Interaction
We keep track of how people use our websites and the links that are clicked the most in order to inform our design decisions for our website, as well as track conversion rates. This is done in the aggregate and cannot be used to personally identify you.

Your browser also automatically shares certain information with us. We use this information to troubleshoot our website and optimize it for the people who visit us most.

We use captcha to prevent spam to us, our users, and the internet. Captcha collects certain information from you such as mouse movements, timing, etc. Captcha does not share this with us and we never request this information.

Where applicable, we use cookies to store preferences and to support some of our analytics. Again, we never use this to sell your information or track you.
To learn more about cookies, please visit:

What we don’t collect
We’ll never collect biometric or protected data. We want our interactions to be entirely because you contacted us and want to hear from us about our services.

When we can share your data
We will only share your data when you expressly allow us to, or when required under an applicable law.

Changes & questions
We may periodically change this policy to keep pace with new technologies, industry practices, and regulatory requirements, among other reasons. We expect most such changes to be minor. The changes can be viewed here or elsewhere on this site. If you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve this further, please let us know at