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We mean it. We moved to 100% remote two days before the lockdowns hit – with deployments due on the day of the move. We’ve embraced asynchronous communication wholeheartedly and managed projects in multiple time zones. We’re proving to the world that remote work is not just a trend but the future of work.

Whether it is about turning your innovative idea into a working gem, developing a custom solution that meets your specific needs, or expanding your development capacity, we get it done for you.

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What We Do

Marici has been at the forefront of providing value-added remote-first services to varied clientele, helping them to transform operations, reduce workload, and more importantly, collaborate better.

Digital Transformation
Drive productivity with engaging, consistent and connected digital experiences
Remote Development
Harness the Potential of Distributed Talent to Build Impeccable Software
Cloud Computing
Leverage the power of cloud infrastructure to enable flexibility and scalability
Digital Marketing
Grow revenue, generate qualified leads, and acquire profitable new customers

Warehouse X

Our homegrown solutions to what we think are the biggest opportunities in a smaller world.

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Case Studies

Marici has been at the forefront of providing value-added outsourcing services to varied clientele.

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