About The Project

Our client, a leading Venezuelan retailer that specializes in the sale of consumer electronics, had developed a web-based e-commerce platform using WooCommerce. They faced critical issues with the platform such as difficulty in managing a multitude of products, server issues due high traffic, and customization issues.

They decided to invest in a mobile application (powered by Magento) for their e-commerce business, which addressed all the above issues and helped them drive higher user engagement.


  • AWS
  • Magento
  • React Native


  • An easy-to-use mobile application backed by Magento
  • Advanced customization features
  • Incorporation of multiple delivery methods
  • Third party logistics (3PL) integration
  • Online payment integration
  • Multi-lingual support




  • User-friendly navigation → Higher user engagement → Increased sales
  • Feature-rich backend that gives the client complete control and also the ability to customize → Seamless product display, order management & delivery
  • Easy integration with third-party services
  • Availability of advanced marketing and promotion tools like Google Analytics
  • Ability to setup multiple online stores in one
  • Ability to scale cost-effectively



To help the Venezuelan retailer effectively develop a Magento-driven mobile application, Marici provided a flexible and qualified team of Magento experts. This team absorbed the challenges, operational processes, and business goals of the client.

After completing the needs assessment and developing an appropriate communication-action plan, the Marici team worked on the design through to development and deployment of the application on the AWS.

User Interface

An intuitive UI was designed and developed using React Native to make shopping experience engaging and fun.

Home Screen

All elements of the home screen (including top categories, multiple products, images of various sizes, etc.) were made to be customizable.

Product Catalog Management

The Magento CMS facilitated the unified management of product catalogs all across the categories.

Product View

Based on the requirement of the client, Marici created two types of product views:
1) Card view (with carousel effect)
2) Grid view (display product category-wise)

Search & Filter

Marici utilized Magento’s multiple filtering and sorting functions to make the product search a cakewalk. Moreover, taking into account the wide assortment, a convenient filtration was configured based on brand, product type, price, and size.

Checkout Process

The checkout process was made extremely quick with the implementation of ‘one page checkout’ feature, which offers hassle-free checkout with lesser time consumed as users are able to checkout after filling a single form.

Online Payment

Marici carried out online payment integration to help the client provide their customers the flexibility related to payment. This involved: Stripe payment integration and bank transfer facility using Zelle.

Order Management

Marici implemented the ‘inventory and order management’ feature to help the client manage inventory across multiple warehouses and distribution centers with concurrent checkout protection and shipment matching algorithms.

3PL Integration

Based on the request of the client, Marici integrated Beetrack as the shipping and logistics software.

Push Notifications

Marici helped the client integrate a convenient push notification (with deep linking) that allows the app to send push notifications (e.g. real-time order tracking).

Multi-lingual Support

Considering the business expansion factor, Marici configured the app to support multiple languages.

Google Analytics for Firebase

In order to track the user behaviour and get several statistical reports from Google Analytics, Marici integrated Google Analytics for Firebase.
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