About The Project

Our client from Europe, is a leader in Used Cars. They required to optimized their sales online by building an AI driven Car Recognition system that recognizes cars through images, exteriors and distinguishes specific brands, models or the car. Their idea was to develop a module that distinguishes cars by recognizing elements in the images posted by sellers online.


  • Android
  • Angular
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Python
  • TensorFlow


  • AI based Online Platform for Distinguishing Used Cars
  • Automation of the Process of Segmentation of Used Car Models
  • Price Management based on the Type/ Brand or Model
  • Comprehensive Solution Module Compatible for Video & Camera
  • Mobile Apps for the Platform
  • Unique User Experience with Latest JavaScript Framework


  • Cumbersome to Import & Manage the Data of New & Used Cars
  • Identifying Pricing Parameters for Many Cars & their Models
  • Compatibility Testing with Videos & Camera Types



Automation of Distinguishing Used & New Cars


Segmentation based on Artificial Intelligence though Posted Images


Real Time & On-Click Segmentation of Used & New Cars


Price Management based on Car Type, Model and Brand


Intuitive User Interface using Angular JS Framework

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