About The Project

Our Norwegian client required a POS solution that would automate the process of tracking sales, cash flow, inventory management, and bookkeeping and streamline the operations of businesses like restaurants, bars and retails. Their idea was to integrate POS hardware with the POS solution in order to streamline the sales process.


  • .NET
  • Cloud Computing
  • PHP
  • Symfony


  • Enable business data accessibility from any location.
  • Easy integration of the POS solution with other software systems and POS hardware.
  • Generate financial and accounting reports for data- driven decision making.


  • Desktop application with customized features tailored to business- specific needs.
  • Super admin web app for clients to configure services as per the subscriptions.
  • Back office web app for configuration of departments, inventory, users and POS settings.



Data accessible anytime, anywhere via the Internet.


Real-time inventory tracking and viewing of reports on daily sales.


Data-driven decision making.


Integration with other systems like accounting software, payment terminals, and more.

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