About The Project

The client provides elevator diagnostics, remote monitoring, and predictive maintenance solutions that:

  • Utilize IoT to connect elevators/lifts to the Cloud
  • Gather data from the sensors
  • Transform that data into valuable business insights

They weren’t able to see a clear picture of the elevator operations (i.e. KPI monitoring and reporting). They partnered with Marici to implement Power BI for data visualization and analytics.


  • Azure SQL DB
  • IoT
  • Power BI


  • Solve data inconsistency issues
  • Integrate a business intelligence tool for data visualization and analytics
  • Ease and accuracy in KPI monitoring and reporting


  • Developing custom, interactive reports
  • Using Power Query to load data
  • Using Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) to solve a number of basic calculation and data analysis problem


  • Intuitive custom reports
  • Data visualization capabilities
  • Increase in the bottom-line performance of elevators



Provided Power BI walk through and understanding


Developed interactive reports that use real-time elevator data by establishing a seamless connection with Azure SQL DB


Utilized Power Query to load data in the application


Made use of Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) to solve data analysis problems that include UTC handling


Generated Power BI PDF reports and enabled automated sending of these reports

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