About The Project

Our Client from Norway required to automate the process of scheduling appointments, record keeping, and the management process for Psychiatrists. They were looking for a technology solution that enables Psychiatrists to save time and serve patients efficiently.


  • PHP
  • Symfony


  • Improve productivity of Psychiatrists and give better services to patients.
  • Automation of processes to reduce manual recording.
  • Calendar for appointment scheduling.
  • Journal for Psychiatrists for notes, history and management of patient appointments.
  • Highly secure system for Psychiatrists’ journals (Confidentiality).


  • Sync of Appointment Bookings with Calendar
  • SSN – Social Security Number Authentication
  • Iron-clad Data Encryption for Journals Containing Confidential Data


  • Psychiatrists can easily maintain a schedule of appointments.
  • Recording of patients’ diagnosis is convenient with Journal.
  • Manual recording and data management is eliminated.
  • Patient data is easily accessible even when the therapist is away.
  • Highly secured web application that protects sensitive information.

The Solution


Ease in recording patients’diagnostic details


FullCalendar JS for a Dynamic Calendar with Appointments


Unique Encryption Key for Securing Journal & Profiles


Signere.no API for SSN- Authentication for Psychiatrists’ login

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