About The Project

A Europe-based healthcare solutions provider required to develop an IoT based Health Telemonitoring Application to address the acute complications of chronic degenerative diseases. The application had to be intelligent enough to acquire data from medical end devices (such as glucometers, heart rate monitors, blood pressure monitors and digital scales) and advise/notify scheduled time for taking an action or medication.


  • Android
  • Internet of Things
  • iOS
  • IOT
  • JAVA


  • An IoT-based app that monitors, retrieves, stores, and analyzes health related data (such as Blood Pressure and Glycemic Index)
  • Push notifications/alerts to take an action or medication
  • Compatibility with a variety of medical end devices
  • Automatic transfer of the measured data
  • Video call for consultation
  • SOS Notification based on Change in Patient Vitals(Stress/ Attack etc.)


  • Establishing seamless communication between the application and medical end devices
  • Designing and implementing a high-tech tele-monitoring framework
  • Assuring that the health related data is analyzed and transmitted in a secure way


  • Real-time tele-monitoring of a person’s well-being
  • Automatic reporting of vital sign measurements
  • Actionable Alerts
  • Cost & Time Saving

The Solution


Development of an IoT-based health telemonitoring application


Implementation of a telemonitoring framework that incorporates fault tolerance, privacy, security, storage and communication mechanisms


Configuration of the framework to easily integrate the required medical end devices


API integration to enable the video calling feature

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